About Us

Custom Form Inc. has been in the business of metal fabrication for over forty years. Arthur Hill and his business partners established the business in 1971. Robert Settles bought out his partners in 1986 and sold it to his son, Michael in 1996, who subsequently shared the ownership with his wife Linda in 2001. The Settles invested everything they had in the growth and development of Custom Form over a period of 20 years. Michael served in the daily operations of the business, and Linda took responsibility for most of the administration. Together they led the company in sustained growth for 20 years. In 2010, Michael became gravely ill and passed away at the end of that year. By that time, the company had grown to more than twenty times the value it was when he and Linda entered the business.
Upon Michael’s death, Linda became the sole owner and CEO, COO of the business. She relied heavily on the long-term staff of Custom Form to carry on the daily operations of the business as she grieved the loss of her husband of almost 25 years and got back on her feet. The core management team had been with the company since the early days of Michael and Linda’s ownership, and they stepped up to the plate, filled in the gaps, and kept the company moving forward during the recovery process.
Custom Form Inc. has enjoyed a long and successful history, serving Michigan and particularly the Greater Detroit Area by offering high quality service in many areas of metal fabrication with a quick turn-a-round. We have grown from a small ‘hot job shop’ into a full-service metal fabricating business that maintains a commitment to fulfilling our customer’s requests for service in a timely manner while delivering a quality product.
We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all our customers, whether a large corporation or back yard hobbyist, with honesty and good workmanship. The legacy of Custom Form Inc. will continue to stand out in the Greater Detroit Area as we move forward into 2018 and beyond, working together to continue the growth and success of those who rely on us for their metal fabricating needs.